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Labour & Employment Law

Since WWII, rights have been extended gradually to workers, but since the social and economic times of prosperity no longer exist, there is pressure to claw back these rights to reduce labour costs and to improve the competitiveness of Canadian employers.
We recommend you speak to a qualified lawyer if you have questions about:
Human Rights Issues
Common-Law Issues
During the Course of Employment
  • The Employment Contract (the rights and obligations of during employment including matters relating to  determining whether an employment relationship exists, formation of the contract of employment, the interpretation of employment contracts, the obligations of employees and that of the employers)
  • Human Rights Issues
  • Employment Standards Act
  • Occupational Healthy and Safety Act
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
  • Equity in the Workplace
  • Privacy Inside and Outside the Workplace
  • Navigating the Employment Relationship
The End of the Employment Relationship and Beyond
  • Rights and obligations on termination of employment (including matters relating to dismissal without cause, dismissal with cause, constructive dismissal, resignation and repudiation of the employment contract by the employee or the employer or other terminations of employment.)
  • Resignation and Retirement
  • Severance Pay
  • Requirements Under the Employment Standards Act
  • Post-Employment Obligations
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