Real Estate

  • Purchase closings

  • Sale closings

  • Refinance


  • Title Change/Transfer

  • Construction Liens

  • Power of Attorney

  • Private lending

  • Litigation​​

Sales- $699

Purchases- $899

Refinance- $699.00 + Disbursements


ILA/ILR- $500.00 + HST 

Title Change/Transfer- $395.00 (our fee)

  • Government fees of approximately $250.00 will apply

Power of Attorney- $75.00

  • If associated with the purchase or sale of a home, the preparation of the Power of Attorney and other necessary legal documents are included in the package price. The client would only be required to pay for the government registration fee ($77.31).


  • $400.00 – one will

  • $300.00 - each – two wills (husband and wife)

  • $150.00 - for changes to an existing will (codicil)

*New wills require two appointments. First appointment is dedicated to the consultation and structuring of the will. Second appointment is held for the finalization and signing of the will.  ​

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