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Family Law

Up on a marriage or relationship breakdown there are many issues to resolve. Who will get custody of the children? How much child support will you or the other spouse be required to pay? If so, how much and for how long? How will the property be divided? Can there be a divorce, if so, when?
We recommend you contact a family lawyer if:
  • You are going through, or already went through, a divorce or separation from a spouse or common law partner
  • You would like to ensure that custody or access arrangements are in your favour
  • You would like to ensure that the division or property and other assets is in your favour
  • You would like assistance with a domestic contract, i.e a marriage contract, a cohabitation agreement or separation agreement, to prevent other issues that may arise
  • You would like assistance with an adoption, paternity application or child protection application
  • Negotiation, Variation, and Enforcement of Orders
Think Results:
Our team is specially trained to get it right for you. You may contact us for professional assistance. 
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