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Criminal Law



When someone has been arrested and is not immediately released by police, our first priority is to secure their release and get them bail. As soon as we receive the call from a person in custody, we move quickly to ensure that a proper bail plan will be in place by the time the detained individual is brought before a Justice of the Peace.

In the course of assembling a suitable release plan, we prepare bond documentation and contact and screen prospective sureties. A surety is someone who can vouch for and supervise the accused upon his or her release from custody. We also negotiate with the Crown Attorneys and determine whether or not the accused person can be released on consent or whether it will be necessary to conduct a contested bail hearing.

Domestic Assault

Spousal or partner assault, while not a separate offence under the Criminal Code, receives distinctly harsh treatment by the criminal justice system. Individuals charged with domestic assault are often denied bail and, when released, are barred from residing at home and communicating with their own children. 

In defending domestic assault allegations, we employ numerous techniques, including the use of private investigators and other evidence-gathering methods to make sure that we have all the information required to defend you to the fullest. 

We recognize that persons charged with domestic assault are often dealing with the additional stress and upheaval that comes from the breakdown of a long-term relationship or marriage. 


Drinking and Driving

Whether you are charged with impaired driving or “over 80” or dangerous driving, these offences are complex and technical. Aside from the possibility of a criminal record, you may be faced with the prospect of losing your driver’s license and insurance.  We have defended thousands of these cases and can find the solution for you.

Following our initial consultation with you, we waste no time in requesting and reviewing the Crown disclosure material – everything from the notepad of the arresting officer to the technical specifications of the breathalyzer machine used to analyze your breath. We analyze your case from every possible angle – looking for Constitutional (Charter) violations, technical issues and any possible defences.


Drug Offences

Whether the charge is simple possession or possession for the purpose of trafficking, any drug charge carries with it the possibility of conviction, a criminal record and sometimes, imprisonment. We know how to challenge search warrants, wiretap authorizations and other types of evidence that often support drug charges.

Drug convictions carry severe penalties, both in Canada and abroad. New legislation has introduced severe mandatory minimum jail sentences for those convicted of drug offences. Individuals convicted of drug-related crimes will find their ability to travel internationally, particularly to the United States, severely limited.  It is essential that every angle of your case be examined by an experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyer. 

Whether you are charged within the context of a massive police project or with simple possession, we rely on a variety of means to creatively challenge police evidence, whether it is surveillance, police agents, informants or other investigative techniques.  

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any unwanted touching for a sexual purpose. Even an allegation of sexual assault can change your life forever. Where the accusation is made by a family member or person under your care, the effects of a criminal charge can be devastating. We understand what is at stake and will do everything to defend your good name and reputation.

Fraud & White Collar Crime

Fraud is using deceit to take something that does not rightfully belong to you. Unfortunately, you may be charged as a result of a bad business deal or an investment gone wrong. Fraud charges often require a careful and meticulous approach – and a review of hundreds, or even thousands of documents.

Guns/Weapons Offences

Guns and weapons offences are dealt with severely under the Criminal Code. More and more firearms charges are subject to mandatory minimum sentences of imprisonment. Aside from the serious implications of a conviction for a gun offence, the Code provisions are technical and often, obscure.

Second Opinions

Deciding whether to enter a guilty plea or to proceed to trial is likely the most important decision you will ever make. We are pleased to assist individuals who are seeking a second legal opinion about their situation.

Criminal Investigations

Prevention is ultimately better than the cure. That's why we are consulted during the course of criminal investigations before charges are even laid. We know how to guide the client, delicately and discreetly, through police investigations.  In fact we may be able to ensure that criminal charges are never laid. 


Criminal Offences


A criminal charge is an extremely serious matter and the consequences may change your life forever. Recently, there has been a trend towards increasing penalties for all types of criminal offences. From mandatory sentences of imprisonment to asset forfeiture legislation, the ramifications of a criminal conviction have never been more serious. 

We are ready and able to help you out of turbulent waters.  From mischief to murder. Whether your matter will entail a multi-week jury trial or a simple hearing before a provincial court judge, you can trust us to vigorously defend your rights.

Think Results

If you are charged with any criminal offence, you cannot afford to risk your future on anything less than the best possible representation. Contact us – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We are ready for you.

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