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Computer & InformationTechnology Law

  • Protecting Intellectual Property Assets
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Privacy and Security
  • E-Commerce, The Internet and World Wide Web
  • Government Procurement and Innovation
  • Hardware Acquisitions
  • Software Acquisitions and Content Licensing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Open Source
  • Open Data
  • Leasing
  • System Acquisitions
  • Data Services: Licensing and Databases
  • Mobility, Mobile Devices Services
  • Wi-Fi and Internet Access Services
  • Broadband and Community Fibre
  • Managed Operations
  • ​Commercial off-the-Shelf Products and Services
  • Legal Aspects of Maintenance and Support Services
  • Consulting and Technical resource Services
  • Source Code ESCROW
  • Disaster Recovery Agreements
  • Joint Ventures
  • Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreements
  • Marketing, Sales and Distribution Agreements
  • Share Purchases (Software, Component or Hardware)
  • Asset Purchases (Technology and Related Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Term Sheets and Letters of Intent
  • General Contract Clauses and Definitions
  • Business Conduct and Professional Ethics
Computer Law and Information Technology Law brings together elements of many diverse branches of law, from intellectual property law to criminal and constitutional law, from laws concerning individual privacy, to laws governing domestic and international commerce. In an area of human enterprise where change rules and rules change at a lightning pace companies need a lawyer who can anticipate all variables in their their contracts and different agreements so as to operate smoothly. We provide services in the following areas:

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